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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

East Midlands consists of the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland

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  • Gallery: Apr 18, 2015
    Keep Calm and Vote Lib Dem
  • Anita Prabhaker
    Article: Apr 18, 2015
    By Anita Prabhakar, PPC for Leicester South

    I believe the NHS is one of our most valuable public services and if I am elected in May I can say with certainty that I will always fight to protect it and I can also assure you this is a position shared across the Liberal Democrats. A national health service, which is available to all and free at the point of use, is an essential part of the fairer society we want to build.

  • George Smid
    Article: Apr 18, 2015
    By George Smid - PPC for South Holland and the Deepings

    I want a tax system that is simple, competitive and fair. The vast majority of people and businesses in the UK pay their taxes on time and in full, but there are always some who try to get away without paying their fair share. This is morally wrong and damages our economy and public finances.

    That's why I'm pleased that Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has made tackling tax avoidance a top priority and has made progress on many of the issues you raise. Since coming into Government in 2010 he has led a crackdown on tax avoidance and evasion that is closing loopholes and making more people pay up.

  • Leon Duveen at Conference March 2015
    Article: Apr 18, 2015
  • Article: Apr 18, 2015

    Liberal Democrats will make the UK the apprenticeship powerhouse of Europe by creating more new apprenticeship places per year than Germany. Central to the ambition is a commitment to double the number of employers offering apprenticeships to young people to 360,000 - as part of a big expansion of apprenticeships.

  • promise delivered
    Article: Apr 18, 2015
    By George Crozier in Liberal Democrat Voice

    IMF Head Christine Lagarde is the latest outside observer to praise Britain's economic recovery. Sitting on a panel with George Osborne yesterday she praised the UK Government's unyielding adherence to unprecedented austerity, the stern fortitude with which the harsh economic medicine had been delivered by an iron Chancellor, ignoring all calls for mercy…

  • Ballot box
    Event: April 20, 2015
  • Kevin J Loydall
    Article: Apr 17, 2015
    By Kevin Loydall

    Negotiations are progressing ready for the opening of the New Customer Services Office on Bell Street this summer.

    This will enable all residents who want to do their shopping and pay their Council Tax or access Council Services at the same time without taking another trip to the Council Offices in Station Road.

  • Lord Dholakia
    Article: Apr 17, 2015
    By Lord Navnit Dholakia in Liberal Democrat Voice

    My core belief that we all have a right to be treated fairly without reference to colour, race, nationality or ethnicity is one of the reasons I have remained committed to the Liberal Party and the Liberal Democrats for over fifty years. The party's fundamental rejection of prejudice and discrimination is just as important now as it was when I joined the Brighton Young Liberals in the 1950s.

  • key_manufacturing.jpg
    Article: Apr 17, 2015

    New figures show that the rate of employment is at a new record high of 73.4 per cent.

    In the last three months, the number of jobs created increased by 248,000.

    During the quarter youth unemployment fell by 21,000 and 151,000 on the year.

    Commenting on the figures, Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

  • Article: Apr 17, 2015

    Nick Clegg appeals to Labour and Conservative supporters to vote Liberal Democrat to beat the SNP

    In a visit to the Liberal Democrat/SNP battleground constituency of Gordon today, where the race is between Liberal Democrat candidate Christine Jardine and former SNP Leader Alex Salmond, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg will reach out to Labour and Conservative voters who do not want to be represented by an SNP MP.

  • Article: Apr 17, 2015

    The country and economy would benefit from having Lib Dems in Government again, a letter signed by more than 50 business leaders has said.

    A host of leading company owners, employers and entrepreneurs said a stronger economy, a record number of jobs and improved living standards was down to the success of the Coalition.

  • Article: Apr 17, 2015

    The United Patients Alliance seeks to advance legal access to cannabis for patients with chronic conditions and we wish to see medical cannabis reintroduced into the British Pharmacopoeia.

    Patients should legally be able to produce their medicine under strict guidelines at home or obtained from a regulated and licensed medical cannabis dispensary.

  • Phil Ling with Nick Clegg GE 2015
    Article: Apr 17, 2015
    By Phil LIng, Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting in http://philipling.org.uk/

    The Liberal Democrats 2015 manifesto has been published and I'm really pleased that the theme is opportunity - we want to ensure that everyone, no matter where they are born, their ethnicity or religion, or how rich their parents are, has the same opportunity to reach their full potential, and to live their lives as they see best.

  • manifesto cover 2015
    Article: Apr 17, 2015

    Trade associations, business groups, NGOs and charities are all praising the Liberal Democrat manifesto, especially the five priorities we put on our front page:

    Prosperity for all

    "Business will welcome the clear emphasis on economic growth and a skilled workforce to deliver it. The fact this is at the heart of the manifesto shows a clear grasp of what the UK economy needs to propel it forwards." - EEF, The Manufacturers' Organisation

  • Event: April 21, 2015 - 5:00 PM

    Deadline for receiving new postal vote and postal proxy applications, and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes


    5pm on Tuesday 21 April

  • PPC South Holand & Deeping Portrait white background
    Article: Apr 16, 2015
    By George Smid - PPC for South Holland and the Deepings

    So the 'party of business' is not a party of business after all. It is the party of "working people" and will grant them 'the right to buy'[1]. By contrast the labour party (small 'l' intentional) is no more a party of 'workers' and proclaims to be the party of business and 'keep corporation tax the lowest in the G7'[2].

  • Battle bus
    Article: Apr 16, 2015

    T revor York joins the party leader for a day's campaigning on the Lib Dem battlebus.

    Nick Clegg stands up on a wobbly-looking chair in front of a packed south London campaign HQ.

    "This man is an absolute legend!" he says with a glance at a smiling Simon Hughes, who is standing at his side. "I don't know what kind of vitamins he's taking - but he's unstoppable." The Bermondsey and Old Southwark 'war room' - where the veteran MP is waging a determined fight to hold on to his tough inner city constituency - is the first stop on a whirlwind day's campaigning with the Lib Dem leader on his shiny new yellow battlebus.

  • key_blukip-poster-large.png
    Article: Apr 16, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg has issued a stark warning that BLUKIP, an alliance of right wing Tories, UKIP, and the DUP, could hold the balance of power after the election.

    He said:

    "Everyone knows that David Cameron and Ed Miliband won't win this general election outright.

    "That means that someone else will hold the balance of power on 8 May.

  • manifesto cover 2015
    Article: Apr 16, 2015
    By Mark Argent

    The 2015 Liberal Democrat manifesto was launched on 15 April. Up to a point its content is as expected -- the five key themes on the front cover were announced some time back, and the manifesto debate at the Spring Conference showed a late stage in the consultation was entitled Stronger Economy, Fairer Society, Opportunities for Everyone, which is a good description of the direction it is pointing in. Opportunity is the key word.

  • Keep Calm and Deliver Focus
    Event: April 24, 2015 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Meet at the Crossroads between Lansdowne Road and Dukes Drive

    Please all come along to


    Friday 24 April from 11am

    Meet at the Crossroads between Lansdowne Road and Dukes Drive

    Lunch from 1pm until 2pm in Donkey Derby, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, S41 8LS.

    Then 2pm until 4pm to carry on canvassing.

    Contact Jayne Dore on 07914 410761 for more information.

  • Garth (Bill) A Boulter
    Article: Apr 16, 2015
    By Bill Boulter

    Work has been progressing well at the Wigston Pool site and the foundations are well under way.

    If all continues without any problems we should soon see the walls being erected. For more information tel; 2215623 or email; h.loydall@virginmedia.com

  • Nick Clegg 5
    Article: Apr 16, 2015
    In Liberal Democrat Voice

    If there was ever a time when a party struggling in the polls needed its leader to be at the top of his game, this was it. And Nick Clegg smashed it. A passionate, rousing speech that would give any liberal goosebumps, talking about breaking down barriers for people, how people could have both a fairer society and a stronger economy. Thanks to Politics Home, here's the speech in full:

  • Article: Apr 16, 2015

    There's plenty of meat in its 158 pages, but we hope these extracts demonstrate that our party is way ahead on the issues that matter to secularists and humanists:



    People will be more free. A second Freedoms Act will have embedded citizens' rights to freedom of speech and protest. The Human Rights Act will remain, with children's rights protected in law too. The culture of everyday sexism will be declining, with young people taught in school about respect in relationships and sexual consent. (p.14)

  • Article: Apr 16, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg will issue a stark warning that BLUKIP, an alliance of right wing Tories, UKIP, and the DUP, could hold the balance of power after the election.

    Fears have already been raised about the prospect of a Labour-SNP coalition that would threaten our economic stability with excessive borrowing and put the future of the United Kingdom in the balance.

  • Helen E Loydall
    Article: Apr 15, 2015
    By Helen Loydall

    The tip on the Oadby/ Wigston Road is now open from 9am-7pm every day of the week from the beginning of April until the end of September.

    At the beginning of October the tip will go back into Winter session and only be open for 5 days of the week until the following April.

    However these winter opening times could change depending on the outcome of the consultation with Leicestershire County Council which has taken place over the past few months and was reported in our FOCUS NEWSLETTER.

  • George Smid
    Article: Apr 15, 2015
    In Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian

    A fourth candidate standing in the parliamentary elections for South Holland will appear at the Spalding Guardian Election 2015 hustings.

    Liberal Democrat George Smid is the latest to confirm he will attend the event at the South Holland Centre on St George's Day, April 23.

    The Green Party has also been in touch to say it is in the very final stages of selecting its candidate for South Holland and the Deepings and has asked that we reserve a seat for the line-up. That will bring the total of candidates who will be in the spotlight to answer your questions to five. Also in the line-up is the current MP, Tory John Hayes, UKIP's David Parsons and Labour's Matthew Mahabadi.

  • Article: Apr 15, 2015

    Brussels and Europe Liberal Democrats - the party's European branch - have today welcomed a commitment by the party to address the issue of voting rights for British citizens abroad.

    In their general election manifesto, published today, the Liberal Democrats commit to "exploring options to strengthen and simplify the voting rights of UK citizens living abroad and address disenfranchisement experienced by some."

  • helping hands ()
    Article: Apr 15, 2015
    By Northampton Lib Dems
  • Article: Apr 15, 2015
    2.3 Creating a stable and competitive environment for growth
    In England we will complete the ongoing review of Business Rates, prioritising reforms that lessen the burden on smaller businesses, ensure high streets remain competitive and promote more efficient use of land.
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