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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

East Midlands consists of the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland

General Election Poster - Don't let Britain take wrong turn

Recent updates

  • flooding
    Article: Jan 29, 2015

    Thousands of homes at high risk of flooding are to be given access to affordable insurance after the European Commission gave the go-ahead to a UK government scheme today.

    South East Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder has welcomed the news and said it will complement efforts to boost flood defences in the area.

  • National Voter Registration Day 2015
    Event: February 5, 2015
  • Bite the Ballot: National Voter Registration Day
    Article: Jan 29, 2015
    By Lord William Wallace in Liberal Democrat Voice

    February 5th will be Bite The Ballot's 2nd 'National voter registration day'.

    Last year this NGO, with a number of companies and schools in support, succeeded in sharply raising the number of young people registering. This year, in the run-up to the general election, they aim to add more than 250,000 to the register. You will find details of what they plan, and how they plan to manage it, here.

  • Tim Farron with the next generation
    Article: Jan 29, 2015
    By Alexander Britton in Nottingham Post

    Ashfield is "one of the most interesting seats in the country" ahead of this May's general election, a senior Liberal Democrat MP has said.

    Former party president Tim Farron was visiting the area on the campaign trail in support of candidate Jason Zadrozny.

    And he said he felt Mr Zadrozny could "buck the trend" and deliver a result for the Liberal Democrats in Ashfield.

    Article: Jan 29, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Justice minister Simon Hughes has highlighted the importance of rehabilitating female prisoners.

    Work and educational opportunities are crucial to helping rehabilitate women offenders.

    Commenting, Simon said:

    " I'm not prepared to accept a situation where female offenders don't have the chance to turn their lives around and support themselves and their families.

  • Article: Jan 29, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has today (Thursday 29 January) announced that the government is investing an extra £1bn in local economies by expanding local Growth Deals.

    The government has struck a deal to expand the Growth Deals signed last year with 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships.

  • Nick Clegg
    Article: Jan 29, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg discusses his vision for a greener Britain and a sustainable economic future.

    The countdown has started. In 10 months time, the world will gather in Paris to agree a new legally binding global climate change agreement. It's no exaggeration to say our future, and that of our children, depends on its success.

    Of course, none of this is news to you. Yet, I believe it's a truth that bears repeating as often and widely as possible.

    The evidence of the global risk we face is clear, the science exhaustive and beyond doubt and, without a strong deal in Paris, the task ahead of us to reduce the world's emissions and tackle climate change will only become more difficult with every year that goes by.

    We are already running to catch up: the more we delay, the more the world's poorest countries are hardest hit of all. For them, denying climate change isn't an option. Its impact is all too plain to see on their doorstep, increasingly putting their families, homes and livelihoods at risk.

    For us too, as a country, going green isn't a luxury extra, but a necessary investment in our future.

    In the years ahead, the only sustainable growth will be green growth. It's a guarantee of jobs and prosperity for generations to come.

    It's a massive opportunity for Britain. We're a competitive place to invest, a great place to do business and have a skilled, flexible workforce.

    Most importantly, without that shift to low carbon, we put at risk the huge physical and psychological benefits, as well as the sheer joy, we gain from our natural environment. Once lost, it's gone forever.

    That's why, in government, Liberal Democrats have always fought for an approach that doesn't just look after today, but is also mindful of tomorrow; that doesn't just deal with the fiscal deficit we inherited, but also the imbalances in how we treat the environment around us.

    This includes reforming our electricity market to boost investment in low-carbon energy. Since 2010, we've more than doubled the share of electricity we generate from renewable sources - reaching nearly 15 per cent of the UK's electricity at the end of 2013.

    The UK is now a world leader in offshore wind, with more installed offshore wind capacity than any other country in the world. We're also strengthening our global lead in wave and tidal technology. According to the latest Bloomberg estimates, clean energy investment in our country rose by 3 per cent last year, to just over £10bn.

    To help each of us live our lives more sustainably, we've committed hundreds of millions pounds to drive forward green transport. This includes half a billion pounds to sharpen the UK's competitive edge in the development and use of electric vehicles, and I recently announced an unprecedented £214m investment to develop the UK's cycling networks.

    We're establishing a new generation of garden cities and all new homes will be zero carbon from 2016.

    We've created the Natural Capital Committee to help protect our natural wealth. And, step by step, we're preserving Britain's natural landscape: creating marine conservation zones; securing the future of our woodlands - England now has 10 per cent wood land cover, it's highest level in 600 years; and maintaining strong protections for the Green Belt, our National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

    We've secured extra funding for Kew Gardens, fought hard to ensure England's Coastal Path will be completed by 2020 and, to halt the blight of throwaway plastic bags, we're introducing our 5p charge.

    Critically, we've committed £3.87bn to the International Climate Fund to help developing countries protect their biodiversity and communities from the impacts of climate change also.

    But this is just the start. Whatever the result on May 7, we need a clear commitment from all of the main parties to achieve a landmark global deal in Paris and secure Britain's low carbon future.

    This isn't a job for the fainthearted. Climate Change has no respect for borders, job titles or the political divide. It demands leadership at a local, national and international level, and we all have a role to play - in politics, business and civil society.

    It's one of the central reasons why I believe the UK's continued membership of the EU is so important. If we're to safeguard the future for our children and their children, then we need to stand tall in the world.

    That starts with us leading in Europe, working with our partners to deliver an ambitious green agenda in Paris and beyond. Together, our voices are louder and stronger.

    So let's keep pushing across all political parties for a greener world, a better future for our children and an ambitious agreement in Paris.

  • Article: Jan 29, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats have launched their first PPB of 2015, which outlines how we will cut less than the Conservatives and borrow less than Labour.

    In the broadcast, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg says:

    "Over the coming months, you might have campaigners coming to knock on your door. You may think you've heard it all before. You may not know where to turn or you might already have decided.

  • Michael Mullaney at Autumn Conference 2014
    Article: Jan 29, 2015

    Hinckley and Bosworth Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Cllr Michael Mullaney has backed calls for better provision of support for local people in mental health crisis.

    Mind, the mental health charity, is calling for local services to deliver on their promise to improve the support for people who are suicidal, self-harming or in psychosis.

  • trident
    Article: Jan 29, 2015
    By Stephen Worrall - Parliamentary Spokesperson for High Peak

    High Peak Liberal Democrat PPC Stephen Worrall has recently recieved a number of emails from constituents asking his views on Trident.

    Stephen commented "These issues are evidently ones that concern a large number of people in the High Peak and so that as many High Peak residents as possible can know my views on them I have decided to share my answers to the 4 questions they asked specifically more widely".

  • Cllrs Michael Mullaney and Mathew Hulbert at the Holocaust Display at Next Generation in Hinckley
    Article: Jan 28, 2015

    Councillors Mathew Hulbert and Michael Mullaney attended a Holocaust Memorial Service at St Mary's Church in Hinckley.

    It included readings, music and a video reflecting on the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

    Councillor Hulbert took part in the occasion, reading passages about the life of Eric Murunga, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

    Earlier in the day Mathew Hulbert and Michael Mullaney visited the offices of the Next Generation charity in the town to look at a display that had been set up there to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

    Councillor Hulbert had worked with Shani Smith and Will Hare, from Next Generation, to set up the display.

    Reflecting on the day Councillor Mullaney says, "The service at St Mary's was poignant and moving.

    "On Holocaust Memorial Day we shared the memory of the millions who have been murdered in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur in order to challenge hatred and persecution in the UK today.

    "This message is particularly pertinent in light of the recent events in Paris, which saw millions of people taking to the streets in solidarity, in remembrance and in defence of the values of freedom, openness and tolerance for those of all faiths and none.

    "We must all pledge to learn the lessons of this day, of the need for peace, tolerance and the reconciliation of people's and apply them to the present day to create a better, brighter and more inclusive future."

    "Holocaust Memorial Day is, therefore, an important focal point in the year.

    "It is vital that we reflect upon the horrors of the past and honour those who survived."

    Councillor Hulbert, who is a Local Organiser with The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, the charity that promotes and supports Holocaust Memorial Day, says "It's so important that we never forget what happened in the Holocaust and in the genocides that have happened since then and, indeed, tragically, the one that still goes on today in Darfur and Chad in Western Sudan.

    "We must never forget the six million Jewish people who were killed by the Nazi regime and their collaborators, as well as the five million other people killed just because they were seen as different, including Gay people, people with disabilities or those people killed because of their ethnic background, and those who've died in latter genocides.

    "We must reject the politics of fear and division, from whatever quarter it comes, and redouble our efforts to embrace our differences-whether in terms of religion, culture, background, sexuality or the myriad other ways that make us unique-whilst also recognising our common humanity."

    "Each Holocaust Memorial Day we repeat two words, but they must be more than just words. We must take them to our hearts and mean them. Never Again."

  • Tessa Munt MP
    Article: Jan 28, 2015

    On her website Tessa wrote:

    Today I handed in my resignation after 3 enjoyable years working closely alongside Vince Cable as his PPS in the Business Department.

    I understood the implications of voting against the Government, but with my principles, in favour of a moratorium or 'freeze' on fracking, as endorsed by the Environmental Audit Committee's Report published on Monday morning.

  • Mark pack
    Article: Jan 28, 2015
    By Mark Pack

    Welcome to the latest in my occasional series highlighting interesting findings from academic research. Today, David Cutts, Ed Fieldhouse, Justin Fisher, Ron Johnston and Charles Pattie with data from the British Election Study on the impact of contacting voters.

    Our analyses of the 2010 election, using data supplied to us by the individual candidates' agents, found that the more people canvassing for a party in a constituency - both members and volunteer non-member supporters - the better its performance there. Canvassers having conversations with potential voters apparently wins them over.

    Other evidence sustains that. The 2010 British Election Study questioned some 19,000 people at the start of the official campaign in late March-early April. It asked how they voted in 2005, whether any of the parties had contacted them in the preceding months, and how they intended to vote in May. It also asked how the contacts were made: was it by telephone, by a leaflet, by a meeting in the street, by a visit to their doorstep, by email, text, social media or what.

    Of that large sample, we look here at the 4,294 who voted Labour in 2005: 2,441 intended voting Labour again, and a further 580 were leaning towards a Labour vote…

    Those contacted by Labour during the preceding months in one of five ways (very few were contacted by email, text, or social media) were much more likely to intend voting Labour again than those ignored by the party…

    Just getting a leaflet increased the percentage intending to vote Labour again from 48 to 57 per cent; 79 per cent of the small number who got an email were going to remain loyal, compared to 48 per cent of those who didn't; and there was a 15 percentage points difference in loyalty between those who did and didn't receive a home visit.

    The British Election Study interviewed those individuals again immediately after the election, asking them if they voted, if so how, and whether the parties had been in contact during the last month of the campaign. With those data we can see whether contact with the 2,590 individuals who intended to vote Labour when the campaign started a month earlier, plus a further 640 who were leaning towards a Labour vote (not all of whom voted Labour in 2005), made a difference…

    It did. Most of those who intended to vote Labour did so, but there was a difference of up to 14 percentage points between those contacted by the party during the campaign and those who were not: 97 per cent of those visited at home voted Labour compared to 83 per cent of those not visited. Labour lost around 16 per cent of those who committed to it in March-April but whom it failed to contact during the heat of the campaign.

    Some 40 per cent of those leaning towards Labour changed their mind during the campaign, but many fewer if the party contacted them then. Home visits were especially helpful in shoring up potential support. Only 66 received one, but 79 per cent of them turned out for Labour, compared to 58 per cent who were not visited. Even delivery of a leaflet helped: 65 per cent of those who received one decided that they would vote Labour, as against 56 per cent who didn't.

    We also looked at those undecided who to vote for when the official campaign started. Again, contact mattered: those with whom the party's candidates and canvassers engaged during the next few weeks were much more likely to vote Labour than those who received no contact. Among the undecided, 40 per cent who received a home visit from Labour voted for its candidate, for example, compared to only 19 per cent of those not visited.

  • Michael Mullaney at Autumn Conference 2014
    Article: Jan 28, 2015

    Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman for Hinckley and Bosworth Michael Mullaney is supporting the campaign for Flood Free Homes which launched on Tuesday 20th January.

    The campaign has been launched by the Association of British Insurers, supported by Friends of the Earth, Know Your Flood Risk, National Flood Forum, and the Property Care Association's Flood Protection Group. The aim of the campaign is to raise the issue of long term flood defence investment and land and water management.

  • Article: Jan 28, 2015

    Welcome to the final 100 days of the campaign. For many of you this is the final lap in an almighty marathon that you have been running for months if not years.

    Thank you so much for what you have already done. I know that whether you are a veteran activist or one of our thousands of new members, you're part of the Liberal Democrats because you are up for this next phase.

  • Israel Palestine
    Article: Jan 28, 2015
    By Stephen Worrall - Parliamentary Spokesperson for High Peak

    High Peak Liberal Democrat PPC Stephen Worrall has recently recieved a number of emails from constituents via the Palestine Solidarity Campaign asking his views on 7 questions important to them.

    Stephen commented "These issues are evidently ones that concern a large number of people in the High Peak and so that as many High Peak residents as possible can know my views on them I have decided to share my answers to these 7 questions more widely".

  • Connect Banner
    Event: January 31, 2015 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    Derby City Liberal Democrat office 24a Great Northern Road Derby DE1 1LR

    Help Your Constituency To Win in May

    Free Connect Training Day

    at the

    Derby City Liberal Democrat office 24a Great Northern Road Derby DE1 1LR


    Saturday 31st Jan starting at 10:00 and finishing about 15:30.

    There will be limited places so please book early - First Come First Served

    You will need a lap top that is WIFI enabled and a working connect log on ID and Password.

  • Event: January 31, 2015 10:00 AM
    Holy Cross Church Hall, Skellingthorpe Road, Lincoln LN6 7RB

    Federation of Liberal Democrat Local Parties in Lincolnshire

    Saturday 31 January 2015

    The next ordinary meeting of Lincolnshire Liberal Democrats will be held on SATURDAY 31ST JANUARY 2015 at 10.00am Holy Cross Church Hall, Skellingthorpe Road, Lincoln LN6 7RB. See details below.

    For those using Satnav, the post code is LN6 7RB

  • Help Wanted
    Event: January 31, 2015 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    24 Ashby Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1SL

    Action Day in Bosworth with Lord Scriven

    Saturday 31st January


    24 Ashby Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1SL

    The timings for the event are

    • * 10am-10.30am Meet and socialise
    • * 10.30am-12.30pm Morning session of envelope stuffing, delivering or canvassing
    • * 12.30pm-1.30pm Hot lunch and a talk and question and answer session with Lord Scriven
    • * 1.30-3.30pm Afternoon session of envelope stuffing, delivering or canvassing
  • key_economic-recovery_(1).jpg
    Article: Jan 27, 2015

    GDP figures released today (Tuesday 27 January) shows that Britain's economy is growing.

    Quarterly growth of 0.5 per cent puts the UK in pole position to be the fastest growing economy in 2015.

    Liberal Democrats have anchored economic policy in the centre ground.

    In government we have driven through a host of Lib Dem inspired measures including income tax cuts for millions of working people, cutting the deficit fairly, boosting apprenticeships and investing in regional and local projects to rebalance the economy.

  • Article: Jan 27, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has recorded the following message to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

    Earlier this month Nick announced that a Liberal Democrat government will protect funding for the Holocaust Education Trust's 'Lessons from Auschwitz' project for the next five years.

  • key_polling-station.jpg
    Article: Jan 27, 2015

    To vote in UK elections you must be on the electoral register. Make sure you don't lose your vote by ensuring your details are up to date.

    If you're not sure if you are registered to vote then you should contact your local electoral registration office. To find your nearest office, click here.

    To register

  • team_2015.jpg
    Article: Jan 27, 2015

    There are just 100 days until the General Election and the Liberal Democrat campaign is really heating up.

    On May 7 voters will go to the polls to decide the next government.

    Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy and a fairer society creating opportunity for everyone.

    Only the Liberal Democrats will balance the budget, cut taxes for 30m people, invest in health and education and protect nature, creating opportunity for everyone.

  • Article: Jan 27, 2015

    To mark 100 days until polling day, Liberal Democrats are today (Tuesday 27 January) launching an election poster attacking both Labour and the Conservatives for wanting to veer off course and threatening economic recovery by either borrowing too much or cutting too much.

    The poster which reads "don't let Britain take the wrong turn" shows that only the Liberal Democrats can create both a stronger economy and a fairer society, creating opportunity for everyone.

  • Article: Jan 27, 2015

    Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone has said the conviction of an Egyptian doctor who performed an illegal female genital mutilation operation on a 13 year-old is a step forward in ending FGM across the world.

    The doctor was today (Monday 26 January) convicted of manslaughter after Suhair al-Bataa died following the operation in 2013.

  • Article: Jan 27, 2015

    Britain is providing extra humanitarian support for millions in need, Liberal Democrat International Minister Baroness Northover has announced today (Monday 26 January) during a visit to Khartoum.

    With the UN estimating that seven million people will need humanitarian assistance in Sudan this year, Britain is contributing £7 million to the Sudan 2015 Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF).

  • Article: Jan 26, 2015

    The Conservatives are making brazen attempts to take credit for raising the personal tax threshold despite the changes being delivered by Liberal Democrats in government.

    New analysis by HM Treasury reveals that by raising the personal tax allowance to £10,600, 8.3m families will be £1,330 better off per year.

  • Article: Jan 26, 2015
    By Stephen Worrall - Parliamentary Spokesperson for High Peak

    Horizon 2020 is not a lemon! Stop squeezing it!

    High Peak Liberal Democrat PPC Stephen Worrall is appalled at the possibility that money promised for research in the EU could be siphoned off for "quick win" projects rather than being focussed on long term research for Europe's future.

    EU Commission President Juncker has announced that money will be diverted from Horizon 2020, the EU's successful research programme, to an as yet undefined project as part of the European Fund for Strategic Investment.

  • Catherine on Hastings Fishing Boat
    Article: Jan 26, 2015

    South East MEP Catherine Bearder has pushed for small-scale fishermen to be exempt from a new EU ban on driftnets in a vote this week in the European Parliament.

    Driftnets are a type of fishing gear that trawls the surface of the ocean and which, when used on a large-scale, can have damaging effects on the environment, but which are also used occasionally by many small-scale fishermen.

  • Nick Clegg pointing
    Article: Jan 26, 2015
    By John Fletcher in The Huffington Post

    The General Election campaign is starting to heat up and, as it does, commentators increasingly can't agree on what's likely to happen. This is the most volatile election for decades and for the first time since the 1930s neither of the big two parties are managing to poll even above 30%.

    In the midst of all the uncertainty there is only one point on which everyone seems united; that the Lib Dems are going to get a drubbing. This is obvious both in the polls, where they are routinely below both Ukip and the Greens, and in the news cycle where 'the fall of the Lib Dems' has become a routine talking point.

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