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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

The East Midlands covers the six counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland.

Lib Dem Achievements in Government

Updated May 2014. Reproduced with permission from http://www.markpack.org.uk/libdem-infographic/

What Liberal Democrats have done in East Midlands

And what the hell else have the Liberal Democrats Done?

Recent Updates

  • kennedy c
    Article: Sep 17, 2014

    The Scottish independence referendum is tomorrow Thursday 18 September If we lose the vote there are no second chances.

    Together, our family of nations has achieved great things. I don't want Scotland to walk away from all we have achieved together. From everything that we have built without borders.

  • Article: Sep 17, 2014

    Sick and disabled people will still be left waiting six months for vital cash despite a Government pledge to cut waiting times.

    David Cameron's new Minister for Disabled People Mark Harper admitted the system of health assessments for Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) is "not in good shape".

    But Labour's Debbie Abrahams slammed the Government for sacking 1,000 of its own workers - including 600 experienced assessors - to save cash.

  • Article: Sep 17, 2014

    Watch as Nick Clegg takes your questions live on LBC for this week's Call Clegg.


    This is LBC Call Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg takes your calls with Nick Ferrari at Breakfast. Call 0345 6060973 tweet at lbc973 text 84850. This is Call Clegg on LBC.

    NC: It's 9 o'clock on Wednesday 17 September. And obviously because of the Scottish referendum vote tomorrow we're bringing the Nick Clegg on LBC, Call Clegg programme today on Wednesday rather than Thursday. So I'm taking your questions for the next half an hour or so, do get in touch on 0345 6060973 or email at nickclegg@lbc.co.uk and of course, as ever you can watch on the website, lbc.co.uk. First caller Jo in Cheshunt. Hello Jo.

  • Article: Sep 17, 2014

    This report focuses on support for disabled people under universal credit. Whilst we support the principles of universal credit, our analysis shows two important types of problems that will particularly affect disabled people; one relating to work incentives, the other concerning out of work support:

  • shirley williams
    Article: Sep 17, 2014
    By Shirley Williams in The Guardian - Comment is Free

    England and Wales need to harness the civic spirit seen in the Scottish independence referendum and devolve powers to the regions

    The Scottish independence referendum, whichever side one is on, has demonstrated the civic spirit of this country. Engaging in a mobile debate on the main street of Dunfermline or Inverness, hearing a heartfelt plea for the union from a 15-year-old schoolboy speaker at the town hall of Kirkwall, in Orkney, forceful comments on trains and trams, are testimony to the rebirth of democratic politics. Turnout at this passionate election may well exceed 80%, a figure not reached in general elections for over five decades.

  • Article: Sep 17, 2014

    The latest unemployment figures from the ONS have been released showing a fall by 146,000, lowering the total unemployment count to 2.02 million.

    The figures released today show that unemployment has fallen to 6.2%, the lowest rate in six years.

    Business Secretary Vince Cable called today's positive labour market figures "no accident" and said that the Liberal Democrats in Government were delivering the recovery fairly.

  • Liberal History
    Article: Sep 16, 2014
    By Duncan Brack and Mark Pack in Liberal Democrat Voice

    On 3 March 2013, the Liberal Democrats marked their twenty-fifth birthday. The story of the party since 1988 has been a dramatic one, from near-extinction, through a failed realignment of the left, a period of rapidly changing leaders, and then into government, for the first time for a third party for sixty years. The latest issue of the Journal of Liberal History (issue 83, summer 2014) is a special edition looking at the key factors contributing to the party's survival and success, up until entry into coalition.

  • Hinckley County Councillor Michael Mullaney, Mayor of Hinckley and Bosworth Jeff Bannister and Co-Founder of Love Hinckley Cathy Phayres at the Love Hinckley event held at Sketchley Grange
    Article: Sep 16, 2014

    Hinckley County Councillor Michael Mullaney welcomed the huge attendance at a recent business networking event in Hinckley as a sign of how positive things are going in the area.

    Cllr Michael Mullaney attended the "Love Hinckley" business networking event held recently at Sketchley Grange. Michael Mullaney said "The event was packed with over 60 people there. The Love Hinckley group has been going for almost a year now and this is one of the biggest turnouts they have ever had for an event.

  • Cows on a farm.
    Article: Sep 16, 2014

    Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder has called on the European Commission to step in and help dairy farmers hit by Russian ban on agricultural products from the EU.

    Following a debate on Monday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on what the EU can do to respond to the Russian embargo, Mrs Bearder said that it was especially important to take action to help stabilise the price of milk following a collapse in the dairy market.

  • EdDavey
    Article: Sep 16, 2014
    By Fiona Harvey, Environmental Correspondent in The Guardian

    Reducing emissions can generate better growth than old high-carbon model, says co-author of report, Lord Stern

    The energy and climate change secretary, Ed Davey, told the Guardian that the UK has already seen benefits from focusing on clean development, and was committed to helping developing countries do the same. He said: "It has required UK business and international investors to recognise the costs of failure and the benefits of change and it has been sustained by a strong, vocal and committed network of NGOs, pressure groups and activists who have been instrumental in sustaining political will and public acceptance."

  • Martin Garnett PPC Erewash
    Article: Sep 16, 2014

    Martin Garnett was duly selected as Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for the Erewash constituency at a meeting at Petersham Hall, Long Eaton, on Monday 1st September.

    Martin is an experienced candidate having previously fought the Erewash seat four times.

    At his hustings speech Martin particularly noted his job as an Associate Professor in Pharmacy . This gives him experience in dealing with large public meetings, and also a scientific background.

  • Stockport Town Hall
    Article: Sep 16, 2014

    Liberal Democrats in Stockport are investing in their area: building and investing while protecting the environment - and giving residents a say, writes Councillor Iain Roberts, Deputy Leader of Stockport Council.

    England, 2014. All of the urban North is under Labour control except for one town of indomitable Lib Dems that still hold out against the socialists. Stockport is now the only Liberal Democrat-led urban council in the North.

  • Launchpad Training at Matlock
    Article: Sep 16, 2014

    Michael Mullaney provided training for the General and Local Election Campaigns in Matlock last Saturday

    The training will be repeated this Saturday 20 September 2014 at 1030-4pm at the Danesholme Community Centre Motala Close Corby NN18 9EJ

    Richard Cole leading member of ALDC will be helping run the training.

  • Article: Sep 15, 2014
    By Stephen Tall in Liberal Democrat Voice

    What do MPs want from voters? Well, knowing the name of their man in Westminster would be a start. What do voters want from their MPs? To come from the area they represent is the single most important requirement - 80% want that, far more than wanting more female (50%) or more working class MPs (58%).

  • Article: Sep 15, 2014
    In Liberal Democrat Voice

    Nick Clegg has made the following statement about David Haines' murder:

    "The barbaric murder of David Haines is a crime of the most horrendous kind.

    "My thoughts at this time are with the family of David Haines who have experienced something no family should ever have to go through.

    "This murderous organisation calls itself Islamic State.

    "But it is not a state, it is a brutal terrorist outfit whose actions are an affront to every peace loving Muslim around the world.

    "No religion could possibly justify such grotesque acts.

    "The British Government will not rest until these killers face justice."

  • Free School meals
    Article: Sep 15, 2014
    By Jay Rayner in The Observer

    The party's £1bn policy allows all pupils in all infant classes to get a daily hot meal. Nick Clegg took a lot of flak when it was announced - but how is it working out? Jay Rayner joins him in the school dinner queue.

    The first day of the autumn term at Walnut Tree Walk Primary School in Lambeth and there are some special people queuing for lunch: the 30 or so new reception year pupils, a wide-eyed, open-mouthed trail of baffled-looking four- and five-year-olds. There's also the deputy prime minister, his speech writers, handlers and security detail, but they're used to Nick Clegg and his entourage here at Walnut Tree Walk. When politicians need to visit an educational establishment they cross the river to Lambeth. Clegg was last here for Christmas lunch. I ask him if he's getting his usual table, and he grins. "The food's good here," he says, perkily.

  • Event: September 20, 2014 10:00 AM
    The Solo Club, 6 Market Place, Sleaford, NG34 7SF

    Lincolnshire Liberal Democrats

    The Federation of Liberal Democrat Local Parties in the County of Lincolnshire

    NEXT MEETING - SATURDAY 20th September 2014

    The next ordinary meeting of Lincolnshire Liberal Democrats will be held at SATURDAY 20th September 2014 at 10.00am at The Solo Club, 6 Market Place, Sleaford, NG34 7SF . This notice has been e-mailed to all those members for whom the Secretary has details, including all County Councillors and Local Party Chairs.

  • Event: September 20, 2014 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    Danesholme Community Centre, Danesholme Square, Motala Close, Corby, NN18 9EJ

    East Midlands Launchpad Training events - Corby

    Saturday 13th September in Matlock and Saturday 20th September in Corby.

    There will be two sessions of the national Launchpad campaign training in the East Midlands on:.

  • Article: Sep 14, 2014

    Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, the leader of the Lib-Dems on Broxtowe Borough Council.

    1. Core Strategy

    The preparation of a core strategy by Broxtowe Borough Council has been highly controversial but hopefully the matter will finally be concluded on Wednesday evening when the council will vote on whether to accept the core strategy as our official policy or not. The matter has now been considered by an independent government inspector who concluded that the council had got things right. This itself is very rare as most authorities have had to make modifications following the inspectors review but we have not had to make any. The meeting is at Beeston Town Hall at 7pm.

  • candidates
    Article: Sep 14, 2014

    The Local Party Executive of Grantham & Stamford Liberal Democrats invites applications for selection as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency of Grantham & Stamford

    Download infomation here


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