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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

East Midlands consists of the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland

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  • MDLD Summer Party
    Event: August 8, 2015 4:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    8 Beechwood Close, Belper, DE56 2TU
  • Old Oak Inn Horsley Woodhouse
    Event: August 13, 2015 7:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    Old Oak Inn, 167 Main Street, Horsley Woodhouse, DE7 6AW

    Following the success of the latest Welcome Drinks in Smalley, Amber Valley are holding another evening to welcome new members informally on Thursday evening, 13 August 2015.

    The venue is the Old Oak Inn, 167 Main Street, Horsley Woodhouse, DE7 6AW, and the timing from 7.30 to 9.00 pm. Drinks and snacks will be available, but not a full meal. This genuine village pub was exceptionally hospitable last time and has numerous good Real Ales (ever tried Strawberry Blonde ?).

  • Ale Wagon Leicester
    Event: August 20, 2015
    The Ale Wagon, 27 Rutland Street, Leicester LE1 1RE

    Why not join us for our regular Liberal Drinks monthly get together in Leicester City Centre at The Ale Wagon, 27 Rutland Street, Leicester LE1 1RE. The third Thursday each month has been chosen as a fixed date.

    Thursday 20th August

    Thursday 17th September

    Thursday 15th October

    Thursday 19th November

    Look forward to seeing you!

  • Lib Dem march at Brighton Pride
    Article: Jul 31, 2015

    This weekend, the Lib Dems will be out at several Pride events around the UK. Here's how you can come and get involved!

    On Saturday, the Brighton Lib Dems will be marching at Brighton Pride. You can join us at the north end of Palmeira Square, just off Western Road, at 10:30am. The parade starts at 11am.

  • Israel Palestine
    Article: Jul 31, 2015
    By Guy Burton in Liberal Democrat Voice

    The general impression seems to be no. Last year's failed talks by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and the re-election of an intransigent Netanyahu government have meant little change. Although the BRICS countries (and the EU) have called for a different, more multilateral response, this is unlikely to happen. Much of this is down to BRICS' self-promotion and separation of political rhetoric from their prioritisation of economic relations with Israel's hi-tech and - especially in the case of India - arms industry.

  • Article: Jul 31, 2015

    Autism may represent the last great prejudice we, as a society, must overcome. History is riddled with examples of intolerance directed at the atypical. We can sometime fear that which diverges from the "norm", and sometimes that fear leads us to frame those who are different as being in some way lesser beings than ourselves.

  • Tim Farron MP
    Article: Jul 31, 2015

    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has responded to the Prime Minister's remarks on the Calais migrant crisis. David Cameron said today that the UK will not become a "safe haven" for a "swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean".

    Tim Farron said,

    "By blaming 'migrant swarms' for the current crisis in Calais David Cameron risks dehumanising some of the world's most desperate people. We are talking about human beings here, not insects.

    "Of course, we need to improve security at the tunnel to protect our borders and stop migrants from dying on the tracks but we also need to address the wider humanitarian issue too.

    "This means as a country we should accept our fair share of refugees by signing up to the EU asylum policy, rather than expecting others to do it for us. If Ireland can sign up to the scheme why can't we?

    "By using the Prime Minister's language we lose sight of how desperate someone has to be to cling to the bottom of a lorry or train for the chance of a better life."

  • Government Department for International Development
    Article: Jul 31, 2015

    All the unpleasantness of the last few days' reaction to the ongoing Calais crisis is perhaps just a taste of the difficult challenge it will be for Liberals to uphold decency in the coming years. In my view, the best way to form a powerfully Liberal stance on this issue is to reinforce to the public that the solution to this crisis, as well as others (Islamic extremism, the environment etc.) lies in a field of policy often neglected by mainstream debate: International Development. But for us to form that policy, we must face some difficult home truths.

  • Tim Farron Leader
    Article: Jul 30, 2015
    By Tim Farron MP in Huffington Post

    This week sees the launch of FreedomToDonate - a massively important campaign to review the discriminatory rules on blood donation in the UK. And I'm thrilled to put my support behind it, because the existing rules - which bar sexually active gay men, along with anyone who has ever injected drugs, or had sex for payment - are scientifically and socially outdated, deeply and unjustly stigmatising, and urgently need to change.

  • Tim Farron MP
    Article: Jul 30, 2015
    By Newshound in Liberal Democrat Voice

    Tim Farron has made the following comment on the Calais issue:

    "If you don't give people hope, they will resort to desperate measures. We are treating this as a security issue, but primarily it is a humanitarian one.

    "We should be big enough to take a lead and accept our fair share of refugees, rather than expecting others to do it for us.

  • Tim Farron vision
    Article: Jul 30, 2015
    By Mary Dejevsky in The Guardian

    The Lib Dems could be the real winners of the Labour leadership contest if it creates a more vacant centre ground

    It is remarkable, is it not, how much "wisdom" about UK politics has been received and then jettisoned in four months. Before the election it was taken for granted that we would have a hung parliament. The rise of Ukip and the SNP apparently made a majority government arithmetically impossible, even though our first-past-the-post system had produced majority governments since the war.

  • Mark pack
    Article: Jul 30, 2015
    By Mark Pack

    In any party, or indeed any organisation, a strategy will struggle if it's seen as something for other people to do. Successful strategies are embraced throughout the organisation, and that's all the more true in organisations heavily dependent on volunteers, let along those, like the Liberal Democrats, which also believe in grassroots power.

  • Article: Jul 30, 2015
    By Paul Reynolds in Liberal Democrat Voice

    By | Mon 27th July 2015 - 6:51 pm

    View image | gettyimages.com

    New members often ask how to find out what current policy is, on a wide range of topics, how to influence or 'input' on policy, and indeed what the party does with its policy once it is established.

    Normally I explain that in policy Conference is supreme, at least in theory. I talk a bit about Policy Working Groups (PWGs), initiated by the Federal Policy Committee, FPC. I also explain that there is a review of policymaking underway, to be discussed at Autumn Conference.

  • Article: Jul 30, 2015

    Our message for the government: stop the bus, we want to get on with a pass, writes Jan Savage

    People who have learning disabilities are losing their bus pass and becoming increasingly isolated due to gaps in the National Concessionary Travel Scheme.

    Enable Scotland launched its #stopthebus campaign in May to call on Scottish Government to make a difference for people with learning disabilities in Scotland. As it stands, disabled people who receive the lower rate of DLA have not qualified for a bus pass since the Scheme was nationalised in 2006.

  • ukip
    Article: Jul 30, 2015
    By Jakob Whiten - North West Leicestershire in Liberal Democrat Voice

    I finally decided to leave UKIP in June this year.

    Let me first say, this has not been an easy decision. It has taken me a year of talking to fellow party members, scrutinising Lib Dem party policy and wrestling with my own personal & political convictions. In the end the right choice was for me to join the Liberal Democrats.

  • Thames Valley Police
    Article: Jul 29, 2015
    By Caron Lindsay in Liberal Democrat Voice

    Way back in 2011, the then Federal Executive created, shall we say, a little light controversy by deciding not to fund any Liberal Democrat campaigns for Police and Crime Commissioner on the grounds that we didn't support the idea as it concentrated too much power in the hands of one person.

    After much discussion, the party did eventually contest 24 out of the 36 contests in England and none in Wales.

  • Stop the Tories abolishing the Human Rights Act
    Article: Jul 29, 2015
    By Hannah Ashworth in Liberal Democrat Voice

    After the 2015 general election, David Cameron announced that during his time in government he will try and scrap the Human Rights Act of 1998 and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. After this statement only one thought sprung to mind: has David Cameron officially lost it?

    However with David Cameron's small majority, I hardly think this motion will be accepted among the MPs of the House of Commons, let alone the great British public.

  • Michael Charlesworth
    Article: Jul 29, 2015
    By Michael Charlesworth

    The House of Lords has surely had its day, notwithstanding the current headlines about Lord Sewel.

    Nearly 900 unelected peers having a say on our legislation, and whilst i agree we need a second chamber to oversee the House of Commons, it should not be a chamber stuffed with political appointees. £300 a day for just turning up! 2 options spring to mind - a senate with 100 elected representatives with no political affiliation or a second chamber of 300, half elected and half appointed because of their expertise in business/medicine/education/technology etc. Many say we should not alter years of tradition, but when that tradition is not working it is time for radical change.

  • Article: Jul 29, 2015

    Tim Farron has set about ending the Liberal Democrats' lack diversity at the top of the party - by naming the most diverse shadow cabinet team in the party's history to lead the party's fightback.

    The new Lib Dem leader announced a spokesperson team including 12 women and 10 men to lead the fight back against the Tory government.

  • Article: Jul 29, 2015

    Politicians from across the political spectrum should seize the opportunity to overhaul the House of Lords once and for all, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has said.

    It comes amid the fallout of Lord Sewel's resignation from the House of Lords, which has sparked calls for a shake-up of the second chamber.

    Tim has written to party leaders in the Commons and Lords - as well as crossbench peers - urging them to back the case for reform.

  • Article: Jul 29, 2015

    NHS England has pledged urgent action on over-medication of people with a learning disability. You can read their announcment here.

    Dan Scorer, our Head of Policy and Viv Cooper, Chief Executive at the Challenging Behaviour Foundation have responded to the news:

    "The research findings issued by the NHS shine a light on the shocking scale of the inappropriate use of medication.

  • Bosworth Asda printing
    Article: Jul 29, 2015
    By Michael Mullaney - PPC for Bosworth

    Since May 7th Hinckley and Bosworth Liberal Democrats have already printed and delivered over 60,000 leaflets across their constituency.

    Now we are gearing up for a by election caused by a Labour Cllr resigning just weeks after being elected.

    We have also, in the last few weeks printed five batches of leaflets for three other constituencies who are determined to keep up the fight for a better deal for their communities.


    We can provide cost effective printing for your local Party as well - two colour A3, A4 and A5 leaflet printing is available we can also laser print target letters for you if you provide the text and data.

    Hinckley and Bosworth PPC Michael Mullaney, who gained the best General Election result in the East Midlands Region and one of the best in the whole UK, says "Liberal Democrats who win do so because they keep in regular contact with all the voters in their area. We can help you do this by providing printing services from our well equipped office."

    Contact Michael Mullaney on 07576 289910 or michaeltmullaney@yahoo.co.uk for details on how to get your leaflets printed

    You can download three examples of leaflets here

  • Article: Jul 28, 2015
  • Article: Jul 28, 2015

    A disabled campaigner who is battling to protect the rights of wheelchair-users to travel on buses has won permission for his appeal to be heard by the Supreme Court.

    Doug Paulley (pictured) has been told by the court that it will hear his discrimination case - which is backed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) - against transport company First Bus.

  • EU Flag
    Article: Jul 27, 2015

    There have already been a number of interventions about how the UK should vote in a referendum. Not all have been welcomed, by either side, but the pattern has been clear, even if the Euro-Sceptics are not so pleased with this.

    For example, President Obama of the United State of America is keen that we remain a player in the European Union:

  • Article: Jul 27, 2015

    Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, on behalf of the Lib-Dems in Broxtowe. May I give a special welcome to the new readers that we have this week. I'd also like to thank my colleague Stan Heptinstall who has provided much of the material for this weeks newsletter.

  • EU flags
    Article: Jul 27, 2015
    By James Cusick - Political Correspondent in The Independent

    David Cameron is set to hold the in-or-out referendum on Britain's future membership of the European Union in June next year and will announce the fast-tracked date as the centrepiece of his party's annual conference in October.

    Although the Queen's Speech in May promised the British electorate would be given its first chance since 1975 to have a say on EU membership, the Government did not name a date for the vote, only that it would be held before the end of 2017. Chancellor George Osborne was believed to be keen for the referendum to be held later rather than sooner to maximise chances of securing the best possible deal for Britain, but the Prime Minister has now calculated that a 2016 vote will give him a better chance of promoting what may end up being a limited package of EU reforms, and of highlighting the economic risks Britain could face if it left the EU.

  • Article: Jul 27, 2015

    "I didn't want to work in Asda. I wanted to run my own business," says 28-year-old Laura Green. The young entrepreneur from Runcorn, Cheshire, says that because she has Down's Syndrome people didn't think it was even worth talking to her about her future.

    "There was no career planning at school for me. I was just killing time until I was moved onto the next step in the system. After three years I said 'no more' and I left." With that, Green spent time with family and friends trying to work out what it was she wanted to do with her life.

    "I decided that I wanted to work in fashion. Not for someone else but I wanted to set up my own business selling fashion accessories. So that's what I did."

    For a version with subtitles, click here.

    Video Journalist: Kate Monaghan

    Follow @BBCOuch on Twitter and on Facebook, and listen to our monthly talk show

  • Survey: Jul 26, 2015
    2 questions

    With a new leader elected and committed to changing the rules for the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats* so that it no longer has to be an MP, that just leaves the small questions of who should be Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and what should the remit of the job be?

    The latter David Howarth and Mark Pack covered in their pamphlet on a new strategy for the Liberal Democrats:

  • Catherine Bearder MEP
    Event: November 13, 2015

    Invitation from Cllr Phil Knowles accepted by Catherine Bearder MEP

    The Liberal Democrats 'Top European' has accepted a personal invitation from regional Vice Chair Phil Knowles to visit the East Midlands for a 'Special European Evening'.

    Catherine Bearder MEP will be in the East Midlands on Friday November 13th for the event which will be open to all members. The details, including the venue, will be released shortly.

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