What will the town's new hospital be called

October 5, 2011 9:22 PM

The naming of Market Harborough's new Hospital will be an interesting part of the build up to the projects promised completion date of 2014. Harborough District Cllr Phil Knowles is intending to seek an early agreement with head of the Consortium Dr Dave Briggs on how the public vote will be taken and when.

Phil says: "When, some considerable time ago, I secured the agreement that the war memorial portico from the cottage hospital would be protected I also secured agreement that the community would be offered the opportunity to participate in the naming of the new hospital. I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to play a part in naming a facility that will serve generations to come. People will have their own ideas and the exact method of choosing the name will need to be finalised, but to get the list of possible contenders and discussion started started I suggest 'The Market Harborough Memorial Hospital'."