Nettleham Custody Suite?

August 16, 2012 5:14 PM

Charles Shaw and Guy Grainger (Candidates in the Lincolnshire By-Elections) are concerned about a proposal to move the main operational Police Station out of Lincoln to the Police HQ site at Nettleham. Coming with this will be a full custody suite. It will be run by G4S as part of a much larger 10 year contract with Lincs Police. The recent security fiasco at the Olympics highlighted the inability of G4S to meet the terms of a very high profile contract.

There are further worries that prisoners appear to have the right to be released into Nettleham at all hours - day or night. Whilst transport to Lincoln will be offered, Lincolnshire Police have admitted that those released will be free to remain in Nettleham if they choose.

Charles Shaw says, "We are keen to hear what people in Nettleham think to these plans. If you have concerns please let us know and we will pass your comments to Police chiefs."