Policy Officer Calls on PCT Cluster to take fullest possible care on Practice List Cleaning

August 22, 2012 1:46 PM
By Cllr Phil Knowles - East Midlands Region - Policy Officer Tel 07710 026 392

Phil KnowlesIn a letter dated 14 August 2012 it has emerged that the Local PCT Cluster, working with GP practices is to undertake a targeted practice list cleaning.

Cllr Phil Knowles, Policy Officer East Midlands Region, commented "We fully understand the need to ensure the accuracy of patient lists but would urge all those involved to go the extra mile in trying to contact current patients before de-listing them.

The target date for ensuring patient anomalies are identified and corrected seems to March 2013. and is targeted at two specific groups.The first is multiple occupancy dwellings with I understand 7 or more residents being registered at the same address. The second group is identified as patients over the age of 80 who have not been in touch with their GP Practice for more than a year and a half.

It seems mass mailing to patients, with follow up letters where no response is received will hopefully start this week and its vital that if you are contacted you respond accordingly. If you are aware of any elderly or vulnerable people who receive the mailing its important that they are told of the importance of the communication.''