1800 Homes - Will Residents now call Public Meeting?

October 7, 2012 11:36 AM
By Cllr Phil Knowles

The anger and dismay of Thursday night's decision to 'dump' 1800 homes onto Airfield Farm Market Harborough shows signs of intensifying. Residents concerns deepen as to exactly what impact the decision of the Conservative Controlled Authority will have on their daily lives.. More traffic? More Congestion? Negative Environmental Impact?

Lib Dems had called in the original decision to Scrutiny but the Conservative Controlled Authority's Scrutiny Panel refused to back the Lib Dem call for a re-think. Now it seems the residents are to consider calling a public meeting to underline their dismay at the decision.

Lib Dem Leader on the Council - Cllr Phil Knowles, had addressed the gathering of around 100 protesters on the street before the meeting promising he and his fellow Lib Dem Councillors would ensure that the public concerns were put before the Scrutiny and that Lib Dems would try to force a rethink by the Council's Conservative Controlled Executive. Sadly the calls for the re-think fell by the wayside as the Lib Dem proposal to drop the 1800 homes plan was defeated.

'' People are justifiably frustrated, many feel they have been ignored. Residents have also raised concerns about the consultation process. Phil had the opportunity to talk with many of the protesters outside the Council Offices and to address the gathering, if the public meeting does go ahead we will do everything possible to ensure we attend''

Lib Dem Council Group Spokesperson