Ambulance Station Consultation - Clock is Ticking!

December 6, 2012 9:38 PM
By Phil Knowles

Phil Knowles at HospitalLib Dems across the Region are engaging in the debate about the future of the East Midlands Ambulance Service. Is it the right path? Will the Hubs really provide a better service? Are the voices of concern speaking for the feelings of the wider community?

There are literally only days left of the consultation period and members across the East Midlands Region have been contacting Regional Policy Officer Phil Knowles urging him to highlight the ticking clock to members.

'' I have received many calls from members such as Julia Cambridge who have been talking in depth with Residents. Julia and others are aware that I have called on the bosses at the Ambulance Service to 'prove the case for the hubs, the positioning of the hubs, to explain what is potentially intended for the redundant buildings and land? I have asked just how much additional money will be available for investment in new units etc.? - Its very important that we ensure, whatever the outcome of the consultation, that we engage in the process and encourage the community to act. We need to pose the questions, questions that will secure the best for the community and the future. Lives depend on this service, we all depend on this service.''