Policy Debates - More Opportunites at Spring Conference 2013

December 18, 2012 10:27 AM
Phil Knowles at HospitalPolicy and Policy Debate, the life blood of our Party and for many members the key reason for attending Conferences. With this very much in mind the East Midlands Regional Spring Conference on Saturday 23rd Feb in Nottingham will have Policy debates during both the morning and afternoon sessions.
The morning session will have two policy debates on motions submitted. The afternoon session will have space for one additional motion for debate and decision. Here's how it will work?
Members are invited to submit proposed motions by email to Policy Officer Phil Knowles. To give everyone the best chance to get involved and to be as fair as possible the accepting of proposed motions will start at 1800 on December 22nd 2012 and will remain open until 12 noon on Tuesday Feb 19th 2013.
The two motions to be debated during the morning session will be selected strictly from the motions received on a first come first served basis. So the earlier they arrive with Phil the better.
All other motions received will then be listed onto a ballot paper and, although only voting reps are able to vote from the floor of conference, all attending delegates to East Midlands Conference will be invited on arrival at the venue to vote on the motion to be debated during the afternoon. Afterall, each and every attending member has the absolute right to ask to speak on the motions so its important everyone is given the chance to participate in selecting the Conference Members Chosen Debate.
One important note. We have to be mindful of the possible emergence of a situation that could require an urgent motion being submitted. If this occurs the item would take priority for the afternoon slot. Importantly, an emergency motion would need to be something that could not have been known before the February 19th deadline and the final decision to accept any emergency motion would rest with the Regional Chair, President and the Conference organiser.