Atos Assessment - some thoughts and questions

April 15, 2013 1:58 PM
By Anthony Faithful Wright - Leicester

From much of the letters and correspondence received, plus their own training manual, it is clear that Atos Assessment is based purely on ' if ' you can work.

Their reasoning is based on a narrow field of vision - can they work YES or NO;

The follow on question ' can they sustain that work ' ? doesn't apply. This is the problem that seems to crop up every time, and its the one that is only answered by the appeals tribunals, this is why many result in success.

So the system manual being used by Atos at the moment is flawed.It is so contrived that even those using it seem to fail to put in a truly accurate report. Even if many sick and disabled were found jobs, their sustainability would be severely limited. Most employers would be reluctant to take on anyone who could be a danger to others or themselves. With H&S a key factor.So what is the answer?

  • 1)We could use many of those on long term sick or disabled to do some Charity work, I have done this myself. The advantages are a sense of helping the Community, a feel good factor about yourself, and the added bonus of perhaps learning new skills.
  • 2)We could re-open and even build more Remploy units and use them to help those with disabilities and medically controlled sicknesses to adjust back into work slowly.
  • 3)We could Dismiss all Contracted assessment, and allow GPs to determine whether or not a person is suitable for any of the above? After all they are now in charge of our NHS Trusts.

We seem to have become a nation obsessed with Privatising everything with the hope that it will all be better. Just as we Nationalised everything thinking it will all be better!

Neither seems to be the answer.. so what is? I don't know, but maybe a sensible combination of the two would work?

What do you think?