Our only vested interest

October 3, 2013 4:17 PM

Over the last few weeks I'm sure you've seen at least some coverage of the three party conferences. Attending ours and watching the other two, I was struck by just how clearly they all serve different interests. Labour's conference is driven by the unions and we all know how much the Conservatives are supported by big business. It was clear to me just how different we are - our only vested interest is our members. You decide our policies, elect our leader and make our campaigns happen.

Today, we'd like you to take part in our latest members' survey.

The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and will allow you to tell us what you think about the party's direction, our place in Government and how we can best serve you as a member.

Click here to complete the survey now.

Thank you,

Austin Rathe

Head of Member and Supporter Development, Liberal Democrats