Phil Knowles takes the Liberal Democrat European Message onto the streets!

January 19, 2014 6:00 PM

European Spokesperson Phil Knowles took his European Street Surgery - Meet & Greet on to the streets this weekend visiting three venues in South Leicestershire then moving on to Northamptonshire.

8 Phil Knowles and George Smid talking to elderly in Leicester Market

Phil Knowles and George Smid in Leicester Market

With little more than four months to Election Day he was out and about chatting with voters, hearing their views and underlining the importance of the Liberal Democrat message.

Phil Knowles said

''We have to take every opportunity to present our message to the voters. Meeting and greeting on the streets is unique. It allows you, almost on a one to one basis, to answer questions. It importantly also offers the chance to directly relate the positive result that voting Liberal Democrat will have on the concerns and aspirations a person has.

"I look forward to more European Street Surgery - Meet & Greets across the whole of the Region over the coming weeks.''

Phil Knowles

07710 026392