Traffic Hold up - Unexpected Westminster & Europe joint Q & A!

June 7, 2014 12:37 PM
By Cllr Phil Knowles - Harborough

With Liberal Democrat Health Minister Norman Lamb MP delayed in traffic, Harborough PPC Zuffar Haq & European Spokesperson Phil Knowles stepped in.

Norman Lamb, Zuffah Haq and Phil Knowles in Oadby

Zuffar Haq, Norman Lamb MP and Cllr Phil Knowles

As the Minister battled against road closures and diversions Zuffar Haq and Phil Knowles took to the platform holding a 90 minute Question & Answer for the 35 invited guests fielding questions on a wide range of subjects from the European Union and the future through to all things Westminster including the 2015 Elections.

'' Traffic problems are almost impossible to plan for, especially when you consider the very tight diary schedules that Norman Lamb works to. We were delighted to step in and the audience certainly seemed to enjoy the discussions that the Q&A generated.'' - Zuffar Haq

Almost two hours later than scheduled Norman Lamb arrived in Oadby, South Leicestershire, addressing the meeting and taking questions from members of the audience including Senior Health Professionals, Borough & County Councillors, Members of the public and Party members.

With such key issues as Mental Health included in the Ministers Portfolio along side so many other key issues within the NHS the questions were varied and extensive.