Maternity Care - What are the plans?

July 7, 2014 1:43 PM

Phil Knowles at HospitalLeading Health Campaigner - Cllr Phil Knowles says that he very much shares concerns being expressed by many in the community about the future of maternity care and says that he has also long questioned the logic of mothers to be and their new arrivals having to travel so far to receive 'hospital care'.

Only recently it was announced that Leicester General could cut maternity care as part of a plan to avoid a funding shortfall. The University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) NHS Trust is reported to have said one option was to provide care for low-risk pregnancies only at Leicester General with other births moving to Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI)

It was it seems reported on the BBC that the Chief Executive John Adler said a full maternity service could no longer be maintained safely at Leicester General while a UHL consultant obstetrician is reported to have said the LRI could not support extra births. A situation Cllr Knowles calls ''all very confusing and in need of clarification''

Speaking earlier today Cllr Knowles said ''I intend to take up the matter with senior NHS bosses - we need to know how the growing community can have certainty in the maternity care being provided. It is not something that impacts solely in and around the city, it will impact on the outlying communities. For example in and around Harborough how and where will maternity be cared for?''

Councillor Knowles added. '' The question if the 'new St Luke's Hospital' will/can offer any part of the maternity care is worth asking as the community hospitals are being highlighted for more key roles. It will be a long shot but as they are it seems even now still working on the final designs I will ask.