EU Referendum Campaign - Lib Dem Head Office Approves Regionalised Logo/Footer

October 14, 2015 8:12 PM
By Cllr Phil Knowles

East Midlands Liberal Democrats say Stay IN the EU

''The debate on the future of the membership of the EU is gathering pace. A campaign we must win, a campaign that our country simply cannot afford to see lost.

Can we dare to take the risk of walking away from the EU? What is the potential for damage to our standing in the world? How badly will our trade be hit? What is the potential impact on the quality of life of families and friends both now and in the future? The East Midlands Liberal Democrats have to take every opportunity to get the message home - WE MUST STAY IN THE EU.

Over the coming weeks and months there will be a great deal of pushing and fighting for position. We already know that the area covered by the National Party figures and leading business bosses will be overcrowded - all the more reason for us to ensure we maximise our opportunities locally and within the framework laid down by Great George Street. Every chance we are given we need to stamp our identity and message onto the campaign in the East Midlands. London will be laying down the strict rules and supplying the nationally approved logos but here in the East Midlands we have something very special and unique.

Great George Street has approved the East Midlands Logo Footer. It is the officially approved logo / footer that we would ask you to use on every email, letter, press release, leaflet and street letter. Becky has worked hard to ensure that our logo/footer complies fully with all the requirements and stipulations from London and we hope that by using it at every opportunity the message will hit home with every voter and business in the East Midlands'' - Cllr Phil Knowles

Click on the image to download it.

2015 Euro Referendum Campaign Footer