Rutland and Melton Party Celebrating By-election Win

March 4, 2016 10:15 PM
By Mary Twidell

Our constituency party is celebrating today a great by-election victory.

Yesterday we held on to the Whissendine seat for Rutland County Council (vacated very sadly due to the resignation of Sam Asplin, because of ill health). This seat had, in the past been a solidly Tory seat but two by-elections ago we won it with a narrow majority. In the following election we held the seat with an increased majority, but yesterday Kevin Thomas, who lives in the village, further increased our majority.

The result was:

Lib Dems 265
Conservatives 109

This is a fantastic result in a very solidly Tory County and is due to the solid foundation laid by Sam Asplin whilst he was councillor, the tireless campaigning of Kevin Thomas (and his dog, Rosie) and the hard work of party members.

Please join us in our celebration!

Thank you
Mary Twidell (Chair)