NHS Under Pressure - Time to Act is NOW!

August 14, 2016 9:43 PM
By Phil Knowles

From possible night time closures of certain A&E services to response times for Ambulances. Waiting times for operations, closure of heart service units to bed blocking, GP services, domiciliary care, social care and much more.

Interlinked services where problems and difficulties in one area impacts on the ability to deliver care and service provision in other sectors. Just when will the Secretary of State accept that there has to be a full and overarching review on all of this, the responsibilities, interactions and the finances? The NHS problems urgently need to be fully addressed and resolved.

The problems that are highlighted almost on a daily basis will not be solved by taking them each in isolation or in a simple departmentalised way.

It is time for the Secretary of State to agree to set up a full and overarching review or if he can't see the need to do this and the long term benefit to the whole of the Health Service then perhaps the PM needs to step in, appoint a new Secretary of State and give a clear instruction - organise the overarching review and give the NHS a chance to thrive and not just a hope to survive