Call for Help: Allestree By-election, Derby, 29th September

August 14, 2016 9:57 PM
By Lucy Care

There is to be a by-election in Allestree ward in Derby City on the 29th September. It's been caused because the newly elected Conservative councillor had not been eligible to stand.

Since the referendum the Lib Dems have been getting some excellent by-election results and while the Conservatives are in government and divided, and Labour are falling apart there is no reason why we shouldn't do well - provided that the voters realise we are there.

We therefore need to run a strong campaign. Derby City local party are leading, and we've asked for help from the Regional party too. The first leaflets for the by-election are now half printed and delivery has staerted.

If you have any time to spare to help us, please get in touch. We'll be setting up groups to do door knocking from early this week, first off with surveys, which are generally very well received. If you have particular times when you'd be available, let me know and we'll work around your timings when others can. Training will be given if needed.

We should also have envelopes to stuff from the middle of the week, so if you're more into admin work, let me know when you'd be available too.

Many thanks for all the help you can give.

Lucy Care
Membership Development
Derby Lib Dems