NHS Under Pressure - Finally Some Possible Progress

January 13, 2017 1:04 PM

Cllr Phil Knowles Backs Norman Lamb.

'Such good news this step, and a clear commitment both to leading direction and cooperation' Phil Knowles initial comments regarding the cross party suggestions by Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb

'For many months I have been calling for a full and over arching review of the 'NHS'. From Ambulance response times and responsibilities to bed blocking, GP care, Social care and so much more. Calling for an over arching review of how each service interacts and impacts on the other services. I have contacted many who are directly involved, from EMAS where I spent time in the control room to Doctors, Nurses and a variety of interested/concerned parties.

I contacted the Health Secretary and the Chair of the Health Select Committee.

Lets hope that with this move by Norman Lamb we can see this vitaly important matter move forward. Move Forward without delay and lead to an 'over arching' cross party review that can start sooner rather than later.

Lets also hope that those charged with any over arching review will include not just health professionals and MP's but also those on the ground who are at the forefront of many of the local campaigns' - Cllr Phil Knowles

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