Elections for 2018 Regional Executive

October 2, 2017 3:27 PM
By Adam Wain

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You are invited to put yourself forward for an East Midlands Regional position for 2018. The nomination form can be downloaded by clicking this link.

If you want to know more about what is involved in any particular role, please feel free to contact anyone on your current Regional Executive. Their contact details can be found on the regional website or can be provided on request by the Regional Secretary, Adam Wain (07906 924 534 or adam.wain@eastmidslibdems.org.uk )

Paul Roberts has been appointed as the Returning Officer for these elections - the Returning Officer must be someone outside the Region, who is entirely independent. It is their job to ensure that these elections are carried out in accordance with Federal and Regional Party rules, and are as fair and inclusive as possible.

Where the number of valid nominations for any position is not greater than the number of positions available, there will be no election, and all such candidates will be deemed elected.

Where there are contested elections, voting will occur using the national party's OMOV voting system. All members of the East Midlands Liberal Democrats will be entitled to vote. Details of how to vote will be sent out by Lib Dem HQ once the online system has been configured.

Candidates are entitled to have a statement in support of their candidacy made available to voters. (This can cover up to one side of A5, see the nomination form for full details.)

This may be sent together with your Nomination Form, but you may want to wait until you know if your candidacy is contested. Where there will be a contested election, candidates will be informed as soon as this becomes clear.

The deadline for nominations is midnight on Sunday 15th October 2017. The deadline for submission of artwork by candidates for contested elections is midnight on Saturday 21st October 2017.

Because there is a fairly tight timetable, it would be really helpful if you could let Paul Roberts have nomination forms as soon as possible. This will allow him to inform candidates sooner if the role they have applied for is contested and they need to supply artwork. It will also give time for any minor irregularities to be corrected before nominations close. If necessary you can send in the nomination form partly completed, with signatures to follow before the closing date.

Please note that candidates are not allowed to incur any additional costs to seek support for their candidacy, or to send out any further general communication to the electorate, though of course they can canvass people they know for their support. This is to ensure that candidates with access to Regional mailing lists, or who have a strong financial position, cannot gain an unfair advantage.

Hopefully this is all clear. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact Paul Roberts (01829 270013 or 07971 916064, 9am to 9pm, or paul.roberts@eastmidslibdems.org.uk)