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Harborough District Must Not be the Dumping Ground for Other Areas' Housing Shortfalls

November 22, 2017 12:55 PM
By Phil Knowles

Strategic Growth Plan--Harborough District must not be the dumping ground for other areas housing shortfalls

Lib Dem Councillors on Harborough District Council have warned the controlling Conservative Group not to make the mistake of being the dumping ground for other areas housing shortfalls in Leicestershire.

Lib Dem Leader on HDC Cllr Phil Knowles said, "There is mounting pressure across the Country to build more houses but this must be sustainable development. If the City Council and other local authority areas say they cannot find the land for houses, it cannot be acceptable that we agree to having ever more houses simply added to our local targets. We don't have the infrastructure or the Government incentive/investment to even make this a consideration. The first Challenge to Councillor Bannister, the new Leader of HDC, is to put a marker in the ground and stand up for Harborough making it clear, that once and for all, Harborough will not be a dumping ground to bail out neighbouring authorities house building problems.''

Lib Dem spokesperson on planning Cllr Simon Galton added, "The Strategic Growth Plan being drawn up behind closed doors by a small group of councillors from each council seems likely to back plans for a A46 Expressway which would cut a swathe through high Leicestershire in Harborough to the south and east of Leicester. Large scale development would be served from the new road. We are very concerned that this road is already being included in transport plans and publications before any public consultation has taken place."

Phil Knowles
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