NHS Congratulated on Success of “New Harborough Hospital”

April 15, 2018 8:00 PM
By Philip Knowles

hr mail

For almost 30 years Phil Knowles was at the head of the campaign for the New Harborough Hospital, indeed for much of the time, he was the single voice fighting for what he constantly labelled as a much-needed community facility.

Now one year on from the opening he says the sheer volume of those using the facility underlined just how much the facility is needed and just how important the campaign was.

Figures provided to Cllr Knowles confirm that since the opening just a year ago more than 47,000 patients have been treated at the "St Luke's Treatment Centre"

Cllr Knowles commented " I warmly congratulate the NHS/CCG on the success of the facility. It's a £7.5 million investment that is paying huge dividends to the community. The outpatient services, state of the art X-ray and overall patient care facility is contributing greatly to the care of our residents.

So many much needed clinical support services are now delivered in the heart of Harborough rather than patients having to travel to Leicester or Northamptonshire.

The use of the facility will doubtless continue to grow and hopefully, the services maximised.

I extend my thanks to all of the medical teams for the care and services they have provided here in Harborough over the past year and I hope that in year two the success of the unit will continue to grow"

Philip Knowles