Big changes are top priority for Lib Dem leader in Derby local election on May 3

April 19, 2018 3:38 PM
By Alison Rouse

Ruth Skelton

The leader of the Liberal Democrat Party in Derby said she is extremely concerned about the way Derby City Council is currently being run under the ruling Labour group and has vowed to help bring about change.

Ruth Skelton, who is standing for re-election in *Blagreaves Ward said her members are hearing the same message as they knock on doors throughout the city during the lead up to the local council elections on Thursday, May 3.

"They lack information about things that are happening in their area and are fed-up with councillors ignoring them. I think there will be a backlash in these elections against the ruling Labour group.

"Councillors are given a mandate to lead but the people in our communities are our assets, with a wealth of local knowledge and information that should be used to enrich the decision-making process."

The Lib Dems have already pledged to bring public toilets back to the city centre, scrap plans for a £10 million ice rink in Duckworth Square and also, like the Conservatives and UKIP, they would like to see the Assembly Rooms re-opened and not rebuilt, as the Labour group wishes to do. The Lib Dems would also like to see a cleaner Derby. read the article in its entirety please click HERE