Could EMAS be on the verge of trialling a Mobile Stroke Unit? Could It be based in Market Harborough or Rural Lincolnshire?

August 10, 2018 7:07 PM
By Philip Knowles

At the moment there are still huge question marks and nothing is certain but the seed of an idea from Lib Dem Councillor Phil Knowles is generating interest and discussion at EMAS.

Some weeks ago Cllr Knowles contacted EMAS, encouraging them to consider the potential of a trial a mobile stroke unit here in the East Midlands. The vehicles are proven in Germany and we understand in Australia and there is one such Unit involved in a trial in the South East of England where results are rumoured to be very encouraging indeed.

'Having heard details of just how successful the vehicles were in Germany I looked in detail at what we here in the UK are doing. I spoke with EMAS some weeks ago and shared with the details I had, including highlighting to them the trial in the South East of England. I shared with them a suggestions on funding etc. I was delighted to be invited with EMAS to discuss my suggestion in detail' said Councillor Knowles

In the past ten days, it has emerged that Phil Knowles has met with EMAS in Market Harborough and has described the meeting as encouraging.

'' I met with the Head of Clinical Development Consultant Paramedic and there is no doubt that my proposal is being taken seriously to the point that it is to be taken to the next available meeting of the Clinical Advisory Group which includes Stroke Leads from Across the East Midlands. We discussed me attending the meeting to expand on my idea and I have of course said that I would be delighted.

Its true that at the moment this is only at first base but the proposal is being taken seriously. Do these units save lives and improve the outcome with Stroke victims? - That seems very definitely to be the case. Where is the best location to house these type of vehicles to maximise the benefits and make them at the most effective in that all important first hour? - That in many ways will depend on where the keystroke centres are and how fast the regular Ambulances can get a patient to the hospital units.

Funding may be difficult to find and there is a great deal of work and evaluation to be undertaken. Will EMAS IF they do trial a unit , and it is of course at this moment IF, house it in Market Harborough or Rural Lincolnshire? Again that location wherever it may be in the Easy Midlands would be a decision for the professionals but the important thing is that the idea I have put forward here in Market Harborough might just see one of these units on the road somewhere in the East Midlands helping with the care to Stroke Victims''- Cllr Phil Knowle

Phil Knowles
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