Peoples Vote Stall in Lincolnshire visited by former European Candidate

September 24, 2018 8:09 PM
By Philip Knowles

stall picThe People's Vote Stall in Grantham was visited on Saturday by Cllr Phil Knowles, a former Candidate for the European Parliament, to offer his support for a People's Vote and to encourage activists to keep up the campaign.

" People voted in or out on referendum day and voted in good faith. Others didn't vote for a variety
of reasons, perhaps by choice, commitments that resulted with them being away from home etc.

Surely it's the correct thing to do to put the final deal or whatever scenario we are faced with at the end of the negotiations to the community in a Peoples Vote.

The community can then decide is it the Deal they want, the deal they expected or the deal they need to secure their future, the future of their family and friends, their jobs and more"