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East Midlands Liberal Democrats

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Hello from Alison Rouse, your new Regional Chair

January 1, 2019 7:28 PM

Hello Everyone

Welcome to 2019 - It's been lovely to speak with some of you over the last few weeks. Great to see a mix of new and old faces at the helms of our local parties.

I thought I would write this to introduce myself as your new Regional Chair and to wish you a happy, prosperous and successful New Year. It is going to be an interesting one, it's true. Over the Christmas period, I found myself thinking about how much has happened in such a relatively short time, across Europe, in Westminster and across the Region. That in 50 years time, people may well be studying this period that we are living through right now. What we do now, locally and nationally, really matters.

There's some new faces on the team on the Regional Executive. Based on your feedback, we'll be looking at how we can improve the support we give you, whether it is as individuals and groups or as activists and members. Ideas are welcome - while we can't do everything, we'll do our very best.

I look forward to working with all of you - and perhaps catching up with some of you at our next Regional event!


Alison Rouse
Regional Chair - East Midlands Liberal Democrats


P.S. So that you can update your contacts:

Alison Rouse - Regional Chair -

Chris Nelson - Regional Vice Chair -

Suzanna Austin - Regional Secretary -