Phil Knowles

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Phil Knowles at Hospital

Market Harborough - Great Bowden & Arden Ward,82 Leicestershire Borough and District Councils - Harborough District Council 2015 Vice Chair,52 Leicestershire Constituencies - 2015 Harborough 351 English Council Representatives 2015 Vice Chair,311 Regional Executive Officers 2015 Regional Vice Chair,522 Leicestershire Constituencies - Regional Conference Representatives - 2015 Harborough 523 Leicestershire Constituencies - Federal Conference Representatives - 2015 Harborough Chair,524 Leicestershire Constituencies Branches - 2015 Market Harborough

Bream Cottage Back Lane East Langton Market Harborough Leicestershire LE16 7TB

01858 545 606 (landline)

07710 026 392 (mobile)

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Phil Knowles has a record of action on a wide range of community and political campaigns across the East Midlands spanning over 25 years. From fighting for a new Community Hospital and retention of Ambulance Station to the need for sensible planning development and close interaction with businesses, Phil is the readily identifiable face of the Liberal Democrats in Harborough, South Leicestershire. He is Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the District Council, as well as being the party's East Midlands Regional Policy Officer.

Phil has wide ranging business experience in dealing with blue chip companies throughout the UK and indeed across Europe, having worked with and for companies based in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, France, Holland and many more countries. These business relationships have led on to business interaction with executives from many more companies, including those in the USA and China.

Phil lists his hobbies as his family, saying 'Any spare time from Politics and Business I like to spend with my family and friends.' Married with one grown up son, Phil is a committed European believing that it protects up to 3.5 million jobs and secures the UK's place at the very heart of world decision making.

Phil said, 'I know that not everything is right in the European Union. Any organisation that regularly switches between Strasbourg and Brussels at a cost of millions of pounds is in need of some change, but if the UK sleep walks out we are in a potentially dangerous situation. Other European Countries struggle to understand why we would want to be in a position of isolation rather than at the heart of the European Union to influence the Union and indeed the world stage. When I meet with colleagues,residents and clients you can always be sure that the future of the UK in Europe is high on the list of topics for discussion. I will be doing everything I can to underline that it really is the case of ''In Europe, In Work''.'