Stephen Worrall

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Stephen Worrall

Charlesworth Parish Council,91 Derbyshire Town and Parish Councillors Secretary and Data Officer,51 Derbyshire Constituencies - 2015 High Peak PPC,512 Derbyshire Constituencies - Regional Conference Representatives - 2015 High Peak PPC,513 Derbyshire Constituencies - Federal Conference Representatives - 2015 High Peak High Peak,13 Candidates for Westminster Parliament - 2015

72 Glossop Road, Charlesworth, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 5HB

07411 950287 (mobile)

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After being born in 1990 I have lived in the Glossop and Charlesworth area my whole life, currently with my long term girlfriend in Charlesworth. My entire Primary, Secondary and A-level education was spent at Simmondley Primary School and then Glossopdale Community College and Post 16. I worked at Woolworths in Glossop throughout my Post 16 education and at Card Factory in Glossop throughout my Undergraduate education at the University of Manchester where I obtained a 1st class Master of Chemistry degree in Chemistry with Industrial Experience. I was also able to spend a year of my Undergraduate education working for the Chemical Analytical Service provider Intertek ASG in Manchester.

I am currently in the 1st year of a 4 year EPSRC fully funded PhD in Nanoscience at the University of Manchester where I am also heavily involved in Outreach work in the Chemistry department, going out to schools all over the North West to enthuse students of all ages about Chemistry with practical demonstrations.

Election promise

Having worked in Glossop town centre for the last 5 years I am acutely aware of the strain our town centre is under. I have seen numerous retailers close their doors for the last time, having worked for one such retailer myself, and often the stores remain empty for periods of time and are then filled by stores similar to existing ones. Additionally places like the Heritage Centre and the Tourist Information Centre have been forced to close down. These losses in services and jobs are being felt keenly and I, like the Liberal Democrats, wish to do everything we can within the law to protect our town centres from further detrimental developments and to attempt where possible to encourage new, different businesses to open.

Answers to Glossop Gazette Questions

1,400 is not an inevitable consequence of the savings that must be made in the DCC budget, however a large number of job losses is unfortunately inevitable. It would be my priority to ensure that this large number was kept as low as possible whilst simultaneously prioritising the retention of those jobs essential to the provision of the frontline services that DCC provides. Obviously cuts are regrettably unavoidable however one big difference the Liberal Democrats would make would be to drastically cut the Public Relations department which both the current Conservative administration and the previous Labour administration have maintained at an annual cost of a staggering £2,000,000! The Public relations department does nothing for the voters of Derbyshire and we would re-allocate the vast majority of this money to more worthwhile causes immediately.

2. Personally if I had been on the committee in an ideal world I would not have approved the application to demolish the old St Luke's School and build a new library because I believe the library should be retained in its current location. If the money is there to build an entirely new building then the money is available to maintain the existing building and as far as I am aware that is what the vast, vast majority of the people of Glossop want. It is what I want as well as it would be a travesty if Victoria Hall were to be left unoccupied. However the Planning and Control Committee can in the real world only consider the proposal in front of them and are not permitted to factor in what it would mean for the future of Victoria Hall. However even under this restraint HPBC planners are against the proposal and it is ridiculous that DCC planners will be allowed to overrule them, should they wish to, because the site is owned by DCC.

3. It is not my belief that immigration is an issue in the DCC elections however I am aware that there are those who hold the belief that it is an issue. I would be happy to debate with them on the subject should they wish to.