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      Opinion polls spreadsheet: 1943-today

      For years Mark Pack has been accumulating data about national voting intention opinion polls in the UK and has records of various sorts stretching back to 1943. Mark says: "I had previously held off sharing them as the data is not in a perfect state. However, given that perfection never arrives, I have decided to stop holding off and make the data available in case other people also find it useful.

      I intend to update the spreadsheet once a quarter, both adding in the new polls in the interim and also improving the older data, such as filling in gaps and making some of the columns clearer.

      Many people have helped over the years with this data answering all sorts of questions from me. Particular thanks for providing an exceptionally large number of answers go to William Jennings (who has generously shared the data he has been compiling), Roger Mortimore, Anthony Wells and the staff of Swiss Cottage public library.

      You are very welcome to use this data. I only ask two things in return - that if you spot any errors or omissions you let me know and that you credit the source of the data (including, if you make use of it online, a link back to this page). Thank you."