Regional Party

Regional Executive 2019

President: Tony Rogers -

Chair: Alison Rouse -

Vice Chair: Chris Nelson -

Chair, Regional Candidates' Committee: Tad Jones -

Regional Policy Officer: Helen Tamlyn-Saville -

Chair, Regional Conference Committee: Jennie Coggles -

Regional Secretary: Suzanna Austin -

Regional Treasurer: Jorden Summers - (email to be confirmed)

Ordinary Members: Amanda Burrows, Andrew Simpson, Anita Prabhakar, Barry Holliday, Christina Morgan-Danvers, Dan Jones, David Parton-Ginno, Jamie Austin, Jason Billin, Jenny Davies, Keith Braithwaite, Leon Duveen, Mathew Hulbert, Michael Mullaney, Michael Thornton, Nick Wiles, Paul Holmes, Phil Knowles, Phil Ray, Ross Pepper, Sebastian Soar.

Liberal Youth Representatives: Brenner Munden, Oliver Craven

Equality and Diversity Champion: Nick Wiles -

Regional Candidates' Committee: Bob Charlesworth, Michael Thornton, Chris Nelson, Pat Wildgoose, Carolyn Ramsbottom

Regional Conference Committee: Lesley Rollings, +1 vacancy

Regional English Party Representatives: Barry Holliday, Chris Nelson, Jason Billin, Leon Duveen, Ross Pepper, Sarah Brown, Tony Rogers

Webmaster: Brian Milne -

Regional Executive Committee Working Groups (Details including contact email to be confirmed):

* Campaigns
* Administration & Finance
* Communications
* Equality & Diversity

Social Media Coordinators: Brian Milne, Leon Duveen & Helen Tamblyn-Saville -

Web and Social Media
Regional Website:
Public Facebook Page:
Members Facebook Group: