• Image for Article - Official Opening of New Harborough Hospital Facility
    Article: Sep 15, 2017
    By Phil Knowles

    For almost 30 years Lib Dem Cllr and Health Campaigner Phil Knowles has been at the very front of the campaign for a new hospital facility in Harborough (South Leicestershire)

    When others thought the scheme would never happen Phil continued to push on believing that the facility was needed and would be needed for now and for generations to come.

  • Article: Aug 25, 2017
    By Andrew Hollyer

    Many thanks to everyone that has been in touch to let us know they can attend our action day for the Holmebrook by-election in Chesterfield today, Saturday 26th August. We have people coming from across the East Midlands - as far away as Hinckley in Leicestershire - and it promises to be a good day of campaigning.

  • Article: Aug 17, 2017
    By Jonathan Sneade

    Liberal Democrat Local Parties in Derbyshire

    Derbyshire Constituency Party Chairs/Secretaries and Key Contacts have received emails today, following on from an email from Leon Duveen, about changing our organisation structure across Derbyshire.

    Across most of the country (outside London) Liberal Democrat local parties have usually been based on Westminster parliamentary constituencies. However this is starting to change.
    Constituency-based local parties were useful for co-ordinated campaigning for the 'big' prize of an MP, but are not so good for engaging members to campaign for council seats. Also for a period in the 1990s and 2000s many council boundaries were being reviewed and constituency boundaries were fairly static. But this is now changing.

  • Article: Jun 14, 2017

    Or to be more precise, a new Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party in the House of Commons is to be elected.

    It is up to the party's MPs to decide whether or not to elect a Deputy Leader, and Tim Farron has announced that:

    "In the last parliament, we didn't have any women in our parliamentary party and we didn't feel it was right to elect a deputy in those circumstances. But I wanted to revive the role as it gives the party another powerful voice and has helped give prominence to many of our notable MPs, including Ming Campbell, Simon Hughes and Vince Cable.

  • Article: Apr 26, 2017

    Across the length and breadth of Derbyshire, voters have the opportunity to vote Liberal Democrat on Thursday 4th May.

    Nationally the Conservative Government ties itself in knots over how to deliver Brexit. Locally Labour blame every cut on the Conservatives. At all levels the Liberal Democrats are becoming the effective opposition, seeking to drive forward a positive vision that will work for local people.

  • Catherine Bearder Your Voice in Europe Logo
    Article: Apr 6, 2017
    By Phil Knowles

    A message from Cllr Phil Knowles.

    The triggering of Article 50 has now taken place, I thought that members might find the following of interest, Kind regards, Phil ......

    Catherine Bearder MEP's comments on the Prime Minister triggering Article 50 below:

    "Theresa May insists on the hardest and most divisive form of Brexit, choosing to take us out of the Single Market before she has even started negotiations

  • Article: Apr 6, 2017
    By Stuart Bray

    Baroness Liz Barker and Cllr Simon Galton, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Leicestershire County Council, will be officially launching the County Council Campaign in Hinckley on Friday night.

    The event will take place: Friday 7th April 6pm - 9pm at The Greyhound Pub, 9 New Buildings, Hinckley, LE10 1HN.

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    Article: Mar 13, 2017
  • Article: Mar 7, 2017
    By Phil Knowles

    The County Elections are rapidly approaching and Lib Dems across our Region will be working hard to win. Hold crucial seats and I make those all important gains.

    Here in Market Harborough Leicestershire we have two important seats which fit these aspirations. Harborough East has been held for some time by Lib Dem Sarah Hill and there is no doubt that the Conservatives will be doing everything possible to capture.

  • Article: Mar 7, 2017
    By Phil Knowles

    So after 29 years of campaigning the doors are finally open on the New Harborough Hospital. The facility has been warmly welcomed by patients and staff.

    This morning I had a guided tour of the facility, met with patients and staff and bosses from the NHS. All were delighted with the building and what it will offer.