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Hello Everyone,

A huge thank you to everyone for helping to make the first exec meeting of 2019 a success. It was fantastic to see so many new and old (in experience) faces and (as Barry pointed out) to have all but 1 post - yes there is still a vacancy on the Conference Committee!!! - in place ready for what looks to be an exciting year.


As a part of the recommendations put forward in the now adopted Chair's report, was the formation of 4 small working groups, each comprising up to 7 people and headed up by an executive officer. The working groups to be formed are:

* Admin and Finance Group
* Campaign Support Group
* Communications Group
* Equality and Diversity Group


Part of the aim in forming these groups is to make best use of talent within the region whilst also enabling things to be enacted in a more timely manner. This means that each group will have the ability to plan their own agenda and workflow however this will need to be passed through the executive for approval in advance of anything being enacted.

By spreading the work out across these groups and seeking applications from the regional membership at large it should also mean (as Christina highlighted) that members of the Executive are not tasked with doing everything. Each group will have both Exec and non-Exec members (only Exec members have voting rights at Regional Exec meetings).


If you would like to apply to be one these working groups please email me to express an interest including a brief paragraph explaining your knowledge in the area, likewise if you know of a member you feel would be a great asset on a group, please encourage them to apply. The deadline to do this is Midnight Saturday 19th January.

Likewise, if anyone would like to be considered for the vacant role on the conference committee please email me your details, we are in the somewhat unusual situation where on this committee we may have to utilise positive discrimination to ensure that men are fairly represented.

Thank you to those of you who have already expressed an interest, we will be back in touch soon once applications from the wider membership have been sought. Working groups may meet in person or in some online or conference call form.

Kind regards

Suzanna Austin
Regional Secretary

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